Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome to my research blog!

I am a climate change adaptation researcher, and this is such an exciting area of emerging policy I decided to start a blog. I hope I can document my research in a way that might be useful to others interested in the neglected step-child of climate change policy: adaptation.

What is climate change "adaptation"? Adjusting systems to respond to the changing climate.

So far, most research on climate change has gone into mitigation strategies, projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Adaptation to the inevitable changes to our climate has been put on a raft behind the mitigation yacht.

However, in the past five years there has been an increasing volume of literature on the need to both mitigate GHGs and adapt to the coming changes. I got on the adaptation raft in late 2008 after attending a presentation by Isabel Hilton on the melting Himalayan glacier. Here's a Jan. 2010 article by her on how insufficient research is being done on that glacier.

My area of interest for the moment is the way adaptation is being grappled with by countries around the Pacific Rim. Enjoy!

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