My Publications and Presentations


Cornwall, C., S. Moore, D. DiPietro, S. Veloz, L. Micheli, L.Casey, M. Mersich. 2015. Climate Ready Sonoma County: Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities. Prepared as part of Climate Action 2020 by North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative for Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority. Santa Rosa, California.

Moore, Sara S., Nat E. Seavy, and Matthew Gerhart. 2013. Scenario planning for climate change adaptation: A guidance for resource managers. Point Blue Conservation Science and California Coastal Conservancy.

Moore, Sara, Erika Zavaleta, and Rebecca Shaw (University of California, Santa Cruz). 2012. Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: An Assessment of Adaptation Strategies and Scenario Development for Resource Managers. A White Paper from the California Energy Commission's California Climate Change Center. Publication number: CEC‐500‐2012‐027. (110 pages, 2 MB)
Moore, Sara. 2011. Futures of Wild Marin. California Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Study: Scenario Planning Workshop. 2-page handout with results from pilot workshop. Prepared for the California Energy Commission.


Moore, S. (2017) Opinion: Is Climate Change Driving You to Despair? Read This. Ensia Magazine (Online). Independent publication supported by the Instit. on the Envir. at the U of MN.
Related podcast: Climate Change Got You Down? You Need to Hear This Now on Our Warm Regards with Andy Revkin, Jacqueline Gill, Eric Holthaus. Recorded on Oct. 6, 2017, posted on Oct. 10, 2017.
Moore, S. (2011). Preparing for Climate Change with Scenarios: A Marin County Case Study (PDF). Written May 2011, published Sept. 2011 on "Current Perspectives," the (defunct as of 2018) Climate Change Blog of the California Department of Water Resources.

Moore S. (2009). Protecting California's Vulnerable Populations from the Effects of Climate Change (PDF). PolicyMatters 7(1): 10-14. (A Journal of the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.) Erratum: The published title is "Protecting California's Vulnerable Population" (singular), which is an error.

WWF Climate Prep Blog Posts

Written for the World Wildlife Fund's "Explorations in Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience" (2013-2017).

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California’s Adaptation Clarion Call - September 02, 2014

Farmland in Flux - July 8, 2014 


Scenario planning to help natural resource managers face climate change, Adaptation Futures (2nd International Conference on Climate Adaptation), Tucson, AZ, May 2012

Master's Theses

Moore, S. (2010). Emerging Climate Change Adaptation Policy: A North Pacific Analysis. Unpublished paper. International and Area Studies Program, University of California, Berkeley. Completed for the fulfillment of the thesis course requirements for the Master of Arts in International and Area Studies degree. (129 pages)

Moore, S. (2009). California’s Climate Adaptation Water Strategy: An Analysis of Implications for Individual and Community Rights and Responsibilities. A Study Conducted for the California Climate Adaptation Strategy Working Groups. Unpublished paper. Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley. Completed for the fulfillment of the Advanced Policy Analysis course requirements for the Master of Public Policy degree. (69 pages)