Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Climate Change Podcast Roundup

This year I had the privilege of being a guest on the podcast "Warm Regards," hosted by Jacquelyn Gill, Andy Revkin, and Eric Holthaus, speaking on the topic of climate trauma. In the course of preparing for the podcast recording I started making a list of all the climate change adaptation-related podcasts out there. Eventually I came up with 13.

For those curious about trends over time: one each came out in 2012 and 2013, none in 2014, three in 2015, five in 2016, and three in 2017. We're averaging two new climate change adaptation-related podcasts a year over the past six years! There are 26 podcast hosts (going by the official podcast descriptions that I could find), 9 of whom appear to be women (35%). Hopefully that will balance out over time.

I don't expect this is an exhaustive list, but it's a start. Some of these podcasts appear to cover both adaptation to impacts and GHG mitigation.

Let me know if you see an error below, or if the list is missing a juicy podcast. I'm linking names with personal Twitter accounts where I can find them, listing podcast Twitter accounts separately.


1. America Adapts - hosted by conservation ecologist Doug Parsons; started in July 2016; comes out weekly. Follow the podcast on Twitter.

 2. Blue Streak Science - featuring the "Climate Lounge" - hosted by enologist J.D. Goodwin with biologists Sophie McManus and Nevena Hristozova; Climate Lounge hosted by Tom Di Liberto (NOAA NWS Climate Prediction Center scientist, El Niño–Southern Oscillation [ENSO] specialist); started in May 2015; comes out weekly. Follow the podcast on Twitter.

3. Citizens' Climate Radio - podcast of the Citizens' Climate Lobby, hosted by CCL volunteer/storyteller Peterson Toscano; started in June 2016; comes out monthly.

4. CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast - produced by anthropologist Ben McMahan at the University of Arizona's Climate Assessment for the Southwest; started in May 2013; comes out monthly-ish. Follow CLIMAS on Twitter.

5. The Climate Workshop - hosted by film producer/public speaker Peter Bowden and fossil fuel/prison abolition activist Tim DeChristopher started in Dec. 2017; how often it comes out is unclear. (It just started.) Follow the podcast on Twitter.

6. ClimateX: Climate Conversations - developed at MIT, hosted by mathematician/cognitive scientist Rajesh Kasturirangan, engineer/producer/musician Curt Newton, and transportation engineer Dave Damm-Luhr; started in June 2017; comes out weekly. It looks like they are focusing on climate justice-related topics for the current season. Follow ClimateX on Twitter.

7. The Elephant Podcast - hosted by radio producer Kevin Caners and journalist Charlotta Lomas; started in July 2015; comes out irregularly. It's currently supported by the EU's Climate-KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community).

8. Forecast - hosted by Earth systems scientist Michael White, Senior Editor for Physical Sciences (AKA "editor for climate science") at Nature; started in Dec. 2015; comes out every two weeks. "Long format interviews."

9. Generation Anthropocene - hosted by geochemist Mike Osborne, geomorphologist Miles Traer, and documentarian/producer Leslie Chang; started in 2012; comes out weekly (more or less), but hasn't had a new episode since June 2017. Developed as part of a course on the Anthropocene at Stanford Earth, it has featured student work in the past. Follow the podcast on Twitter.

10. Hot and Bothered - hosted by sociologist Daniel Aldana Cohen and journalist Kate Aronoff; officially started in April 2016 (after a pilot in Jan. 2016); comes out irregularly. A project of Dissent Magazine.

11. No Place Like Home - hosted by campaigner/storyteller Anna Jane Joyner and campaigner Mary Anne Hitt (Director of the Beyond Coal Campaign at the Sierra Club); started in Sept. 2016; comes out every two weeks or monthly. Focuses on personal stories. Follow the podcast on Twitter.

12. Terrestrial - hosted by journalist Ashley Ahearn; started in April 2017; comes out every two weeks or monthly. Produced at KUOW 94.9 "Puget Sound Public Radio," an NPR affiliate in Seattle, Washington. "Stories about people making personal choices in the face of environmental change." New season due out in the spring.

13. Warm Regards - hosted by meteorologist/journalist Eric Holthaus, paleoecologist Jacquelyn Gill, and journalist Andy Revkin; started in June 2016; comes out every two weeks. Follow the podcast on Twitter.

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