Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Congratulations RISE on a great media piece!

Yesterday I heard a wonderfully evocative radio program on KALW radio about the San Francisco Bay and sea level rise, featuring our local climate change science/ planning heavy-hitters Will Travis of BCDC and Healy Hamilton of the California Academy of Sciences.

Congratulations to radio producer/director Claire Schoen, and to Travis and Healy (and the others who appeared in the segment) on a great piece of media exposure!

One of my favorite quotes was from Healy, said with such calm force, as though her life depended on you, the listener, grasping her every word and believing:

We are headed right now on a path to an ice-free planet. And once we are there this planet will look nothing like it does today, and the human infrastructure that we all depend upon will not be able to adapt to those kinds of changes.

Listen to the one-hour program RISE: Part I: Sounding the Waters streaming here.

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