Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Congratulations Cal-Adapt development team!

Congratulations to Kevin Koy and the other outstanding GIS specialists at the Geospatial Innovation Facility at UC Berkeley, under the faculty direction of the illustrious Maggi Kelly , who today launched a new climate adaptation tool for California, the Cal-Adapt site!

This morning a national audience about 80 planners, scientists and climate adaptation consultants listened in on a WebEx presentation of all the ways Cal-Adapt can display maps of climate impacts to help planners make decisions for the future. Audience questions touched on the possibility of exporting this to other states (from the Climate Impacts Group in Washington State), and also the availability of downscaled climate impacts information for the rest of the country (from, I believe, someone from the Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability/ New York City Panel on Climate Change- see their May 2010 report on adaptation for NYC here).

I'm hoping a link will be made public for the recording of this 40 minute presentation, and if so I will post it here. This is an exciting step forward in the realm of climate change planning tools, and I'm proud that California is again leading the way, with my alma mater UC Berkeley at the head of the charge!

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