Friday, March 4, 2011

Congratulations Oakland on Your New Climate Action Plan!

Congratulations specifically should go to Oakland's Public Works Sustainability Coordinator Garrett Fitzgerald and to all the community members and organizations who worked with him to develop the Oakland Energy Climate and Action Plan (ECAP).

On Tuesday March 1st, two years of community consultation culminated in the adoption by Oakland City Council of the ECAP, which calls for aggressive greenhouse gas reductions in the city alongside climate change adaptation measures.

-- Read Oakland's ECAP (the Feb. 22 variant currently on the Public Works site).

-- Read the Ella Baker Center's March 3, 2011, press release on the passage of the ECAP - highlights of community involvement in the plan (though nothing about how climate adaptation is in the plan).

-- See the Oakland Public Works page on the ECAP, giving a little background, additional links.

-- See Oakland Climate Action Coalition's Webpage - again, the content is more about supporting sustainable economic development along with GHG reductions and less about preparing for climate impacts, but this coalition has a lot of potential to help Oakland identify its community vulnerabilities and prepare accordingly.

Go Oakland!

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